Delta surge in China; Preparation for re-lockdown

Delta surge in China; Preparation for re-lockdown

Delta surge in China; Preparation for re-lockdown

Beijing / News Agency

In China, the mutated corona 'delta' virus is spreading drastically. Once again it is time for the administration to impose a lock down out in the cities. Delta, which was first found in India, has hit the world hard and has been re-imposed in many countries, including the United States and Australia.

The number of delta-infected patients in Wuhan, the city in China where the corona is believed to have originated, is on the rise. Therefore, in this city of 1.5 million population, strict curfew has been imposed. Flights have also been suspended. A large number of civilians are being tested for corona at potential hot spots.

China had a great deal of success in preventing corona in the first phase due to its strict policy of isolation and prevention of infected persons coming from abroad. However, Dr. Zhang Wenhong from Shanghai admits that it is going to be difficult to stop the 'Delta' in the second phase. As Delta finds it difficult to put on it, the number of corona sufferers is increasing again. Against this backdrop, China needs to change its approach. The world needs to learn to live with this virus, says Dr. Wenhong.

Xi Chen, a health economist at the Yale School of Public Health, underscores the need for accelerated vaccination and effective treatment of infections. The administration needs to try to curb the virus by keeping public life as smooth as possible. He also warned that Even if all areas are blocked due to the lock down, people will continue to die. Those who will not be killed by the corona; they would die of starvation or depression due to reasons like unemployment.

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