Will contest independent election from Baramati Lok Sabha : Vijay Shivtare

Claiming to have the support of all office bearers in the constituency

Will contest independent election from Baramati Lok Sabha : Vijay Shivtare

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Former minister Vijay Shivtare, the leader of the Shiv Sena faction, expressed his determination in a press conference that even though his Shiv Sena party is a part of the grand coalition, he will contest the elections from Baramati Lok Sabha constituency as an independent. Therefore, it has been decided that there will be a three-way contest in the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency. Shivtare's independent candidacy may affect Sunita Pawar to some extent.

Shivtare had also announced earlier that he will contest from Baramati Lok Sabha constituency. However, the leaders of the NCP Ajit Pawar faction were speculating that Chief Minister Eknath Shinde would intervene and crush the revolt. But Shivtare has clarified that he is firm on his decision to contest the election.

The decision that we should contest the election has been taken after exchanging views with all office bearers in the constituency. Talking to the reporters, Shivtare also claimed that he has the support of not only the party but also the leaders and activists of the allied parties.

Serious allegations against Ajit Pawar

He campaigned against Ajit Pawar's son Partha Pawar in the 2019 elections. It was our duty as a party worker. It was only part of politics. There was no personal part in it. However, Ajit Pawar leveled his criticism. Even when he was being treated in the hospital due to his ill health, he campaigned in an ambulance. Ajit Pawar then accused him of lying about his illness to gain sympathy from the people. Shivtare alleged that he made low-level statements saying that now his palanquin will go, why would he contest the election if he had to die.

... So will vote for Supriya Sule

In Baramati Lok Sabha Constituency, the voters who were against Pawar so far are also saying that they will vote for Supriya Sule in this election. Ajit Pawar's arrogance is the reason for this. We ignored the bad language used by Pawar about us. He also forgave Pawar for that. Shivtare criticized that Pawar's arrogance continued even after Pawar entered the Mahayuti and met him in person and felicitated him.


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