What did Sunetra Pawar say on the issue of displeasure in the NCP after the candidature was announced?

What did Sunetra Pawar say on the issue of displeasure in the NCP after the candidature was announced?

Sunetra Pawar was announced as a Rajya Sabha candidate by the NCP(AP). She was defeated in the recently held Lok Sabha elections. Supriya Sule defeated Sunetra Pawar

Sunetra Pawar has filed her nomination today for the Rajya Sabha elections from the Nationalist Congress Party (AP). Sunetra Pawar interacted with the media after filling the application form. Sunetra Pawar said to reporters that your election is unopposed, "18th is the last date, we have to wait till then." The trust that the party has shown in me as an exemplary public representative of an official party. Sunetra Pawar said that I will try to seize that opportunity

Is Chhagan Bhujbal upset because you got the nomination? On this question, she said, “Such displeasure was not seen anywhere, Bhujbal was present while filling the form. He wished. Of course there is no displeasure” Was Ajit Pawar not ready to give you candidature in the beginning? Sunetra Pawar also answered this question. "In fact, there was a demand from the party and the people that I should be nominated. I requested the workers not to insist. There was a demand from the people even during the Lok Sabha candidature.

Is Parth Pawar angry? Partha Pawar was also interested in Rajya Sabha, is he upset with your candidature? On this question, Sunetra Pawar said, "He himself said that as per the demands of all the workers, I should be the official candidate for the Rajya Sabha. He also insisted. Sunetra Pawar said that the candidature has been announced with the consent of all the parties.

Bhujbal expressed displeasure Meanwhile, this morning there was a news that Chhagan Bhujbal is upset as Sunetra Pawar will get Rajya Sabha nomination. A meeting regarding Rajya Sabha candidature was held at Ajit Pawar's Devagiri bungalow. It is reported that Bhujbal expressed his displeasure in this meeting.


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